Obesity Treatments and Gastric Bypass Surgeries

Due to medical issues such as Colestrole and Altherosclerosis based heart attacks and diabetes espeially type-2 diabetes and connective tissue disorders in bones and joints,Gastric bypass surgery is recommended to spesified patients who have more than 35 for woman and 40 for man Body Mass Index Ratio,called ‘obese’ , because of the hormones which affect organs and cause obesity  ghrelin and cortisol and their treatment procedure after the operation.loss weight improves quality of lifespan both in terms of reduced death rates and the increased use of foods and supplements that should be consumed after the operation.


Since people chanced their eating habits from natural foods to the fast foods,humanity has faced one of the most health damaging situation called “obesity”.A Body Mass Index between 25.0 to 29.9 indicates overweight and the term ‘obese’ is used for a BMI of 30.0 or more (Harward T.H Chan,2016,para.1-8).Obesity occurs because,in the nature of human being,there is a desire of eating ‘delicious’ foods no matter what it includes,exists. Instead of eating healthy foods which includes fundamental amount of proteins,carbonhydrates,fats and sugars by searching their nutritions facts before eating,people insist on eating fast foods,instead of home mades,high-fat fries instead of bakeds,and high-sugar foods instead of natural sugar,fructose,which exists in fruits,which can cause so many health diseases from diabetes to heath attack.To prevent these situations,diets which integrated appropriate workouts and exercise styles have written by dietetics,doctors and trainers.However people that either too lazy to do those diets and exercises or not available to do,are need and seek way outs from obesity and nowadays they have found it in Gastric by-pass surgeries.

Obesity is the number one health problem in the worldwide and also effects human body’s heart by causing unstable blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders such as coronary heart disease heart deficiencies and even death. When human beings are faced with obesity and heart disease together,an excessively high possibility of death arises According to Mandal (2013d), the main cause of coronary artery diseases and heart attack is Atherosclerosis.-This occurs when accumulation of fat sediments gradually narrows and hardens the wall of arteries which can block the blood flow and make vessels lose their ability of elasticity called Atherosclerosis-When it affects the brain,paralysis happen;when it affects the peripheral blood vessels,it can causes peripheral artery disease (parag 5-6) . In addition to Atherosclerosis there is another problem “hypertension” the High blood pressure means higher pressure and excessive strain on the heart and blood vessels and this excessive strain increases the risk of a heart attack or failure. If a person is overweight or obese,there is a huge chance of becoming hypertensional.Mandal indicates that according to studies,there will be a 60% of increase in cases of high blood pressure from 2000 to 2025 affecting 1.56 million people world wide (2013a,para2). Preventing these two main heart and health problems,overweight or obese people should decrease their body fat ratio. By doing this,the pressure on the vessels will decrease and the fat sediments inside the vessels will lessen so heart becomes more relaxed and can return to an accurate beating tempo.

Diabetes is an illness that chronic high blood glucose levels called hyperglycemia causes failure in producing enough insulin to arrange high glucose levels. This disease generally causes many important health problems such as diabetic retinopathy also known as blindness,kidney diseases,non-traumatic lower extremity amputations (diabetic neuropathy),damaged organs complications and lastly cardiovascular problems and strokes. According to Mandal,roughly 60% of all the diabetics have increased body weight(2013a,para2) and beyond medication and hormone treatments,diabetes can be reduced by doing daily routine exercises for instance walking 15 minutes minimum in a day,eating correctly and healthy by combining necessary fat,carbonhdrate and protein amount that body needs.When excessive body fat ratio decreases,main disease caused hormone insuline becomes stabilized.Another physical problem that obesity cause is ocured in patiens skin and connective tissues. Connective tissues and skin can be damaged by the effect of obesity (Gray,2011,pg15). By gaining every pound of kilos,body skin enlarges inch by inch and sagged downward,pressure onto bones and joints increases day by day. Kilograms of joints and bones can absorbe will decrease by every extra kilos and eventually they wont be able to carry all these pounds and patient can not run,even can not walk. After losing huge amount of weight,skin will sagged more and if natural treatments-weighted workouts and streching-can not affect totally,skin removing surgeries will be needed.

According to Obesity coverage(“Benefits”,parag2,2013) following surgery,patients lose 70 % of their excess body weight within 18 months and this make person more cheerful,less depressed and less anxious because of the cortisol hormone oscillation. According to Mandal (2013g)cortisol is the stress-based hormone that when released,causes desire to eat high caloried palatable food which also causes high insulin and eventually abdomen surrounded by fat (parag7-8). Patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery do not have any chance to “desire to eat” as same as before as long as they have restricted stomach and intestines and when this is combined with lower cortisol ratio,the person will not want to eat anything because their appetites have been changed. They are no longer gluttonous and they will not eat everything on the table. One way or another,they have ability to stop themselves when they eat much.Also cells in stomach are produce a hormone which cause hunger called ghrelin (Gray,2011,pg11.) is reduced by Gastric by-pass surgeries.In general,huge amount of overweighted or obese people prefer black based clothes. They think that black is the best choice to hide extra fat and cellulite. As if not enough they can not find clothes easily it also should be black and this two situations making clothing harder to find.This operation and losing weights gives them the opportunity to wear anything they want,finding them easily and wear them with confidence,with no needed hide desire which makes people more depressed,less self confidence.

Gastric bypass surgeries are a good way of weight loss but just for spesific persons not for everyone.There are spesific limitations in terms of  Body Mass Index and health damaged diseases are told in Roger’s article ‘Gastric Bypass surgeries,Why the procedure is performed’ that Gastric by-pass surgery is recommended to male patients who  have 40 or more Body Mass Index and female patients who have 35 or more Body Mass Index with serious such as sleep apnea,type2 diabetes and heart disease (Roger,2015,para2-3) and those 35 and 40 Body Mass Indexes are specified as Abdominal obesity limits in Harward’s essay ‘Waist size matters:Abdominal obesity’ as more than 35 inches of woman waist size and more than 40 inches of man waist size are determined as abdominal obesity limits (2016). As it seen in this paragraph, the number of 35 for woman and the number of 40 for man is important in terms of abdominal obesity and Body Mass Index

Cut intestines stapled to little pouch do not allow to eat big and solid portions just after the surgery when the healing process continues to prevent the damage the operated tissue. According to “Experts guide to gastric bypass”(2016), after post operation,there is a special 4 phased diet which starts with clear liquids as a phase 1,Pureed foods and Protein shakes as phase 2,Soft foods as phase 3 and lastly Solid foods. (para2). Sipping clear liquids such as water,fat free milks and fat free broth 2 ounces hourly is determined for 1 week after the operation and caffeine,fat and sugar are strictly prohibited.The following week,the week of pureed foods and Protein shakes,the patient should focus on consuming carefully and slowly with the small portions in every 30 minutes. If dietetian allows them to consume egg whites and non fat cottage cheese,patient should wait at least 30 minutes between eating and drinking.( Experts guide to gastric bypass, 2016).The third step includes little fat and really soft lean meats,tunas or chickens and vegetables such as steamed carrots and avocados. The time period should be 1 hour between every portions and chewing is becoming really important. In the last phase,all rules are again should be obeyed and vegetables should be considered as a primarly carbonhydrate sources instead of breads or pastas or rice. In this stage,patients can consume nuts,grapes and lagain lean meats,chickens or tunas which can reach 1000 calories or more in a day.Because the intestines and the stomach have been reduced,less amount of minerals and vitamins are absorbed,patient needs to have especially multivitamins ,calcium citrates,vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 500 mg twice daily. Those informations should be followed  strictly  to prevent painful gases in stomach,heartburn and dumping syndrome.

Following surgery,patients lose 70% of their excess body weight within 18 months(obesity coverage,2016) which able patient to live more qualified in health and psychological scale. They can move more and faster,live – compared to obese times- longer,become healthier. Studies done in McGil University in 2004 shows that the possibility of death reduces 89% for patients who had this surgery compared to others who had not had and diabetes,blood pressure,sleep apnea and high colestrole are also reduced 70 to 80 % of 22.000 patients (Gray,2011,pg17)

To have better life quality in terms of health and physical appearance,people should have less than 35 for woman and 40 for man Body Mass Index. Situations that people have more BMI than those determined amounts,physical exercises and diets should be done. If exercises and diet can not able to lessen BMI amount,Gastric Bypass surgeries become the very best way to reach the goal of healthy life.

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